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Hong Kong 2023 - Tai O

Hong Kong's fishing village

Also known as the “Venice of Hong Kong”.

Hong Kong 2023 - Sightseeing

and Food

My ID expired during lockdown. Time for another visit.

Hong Kong/China 2018 Day 7

China, baby

Heading to China for a couple of days to visit family.

Hong Kong 2018 Day 6

Tourist day at Victoria Peak and Madame Tussauds

We were in the mood for something touristy so we headed to The Peak, the tallest public spot on the Hong Kong island.

Hong Kong 2018 Day 5

Celebrating the new apartment.

Today we’re celebrating our newly built apartment and giving our ancestors their pocket money.

Hong Kong 2018 Day 4 Part 2

Checking out the Langham Place shopping mall in Mong Kok.

After finishing up my otaku shopping, I headed to the Langham Place shopping mall for dinner.

Hong Kong 2018 Day 4 Part 1

Browsing tech and anime at the Golden Computer Arcade and Sino Centre.

Finally, a day to myself. Time for shopping.

Hong Kong 2018 Day 3

A quiet day spent with relatives.

Short post this time.
Spent the morning in the hotel room catching up on jet lag while the parents left to take care of business.

The hotel is connected to a shopping mall and train station which is convenient plus you don’t have to worry about rain.

Hong Kong 2018 Day 2

Strolling along the Tsim Sha Tsui habour with the family.

This has been the longest I’ve ever spent on a /blog.
Starting from learning an entirely new photo editing workflow to building an entire website for it to searching for a new image host (and also the post-holiday procrastination phase but shh).
It didn’t help that this day has a lot of photos and that they were really hard to edit lowlight shots.
Just look at what I had to work with:

The photos taken with my phone were still edited with the old workflow though because my old workflow involves overwriting the original file so I couldn’t re-do them anyway.