Hong Kong 2018 Day 4 Part 1

Feb 22, 2018 4 min read

Finally, a day to myself. Time for shopping.

First, breakfast.
I was reading about the great KFC crisis back in the UK while riding the train and oh hey, let’s try that.

Sample of the menu.

Trying out the promotional Sakura Chicken. Whole meal cost just over £4.
Actually pretty good, it’s sweet. The curry and egg tart were eh.

These gloves are the best though. They should give these out in the UK.

The Golden Computer Arcade in Sham Shui Po is the largest tech mall in Hong Kong and the most geared towards tech enthusiasts.
It’s actually 2 malls under one giant block of buildings. The entrances are different but you’ll find them if you circle round.

I used to also visit the other big computer malls in Mong Kok, Wan Chai etc. but they’re all pretty much the same so I no longer bother.

There always seems to be an anime based game in this spot.
The last few times I’ve been here it was Swort Art Online and Naruto.

I didn’t realise the VR headsets by the not-HTC/Oculus companies were already out. It didn’t seem like there was a lot of hype in the news.

More Chinese New Year decorations.
The stalls here are too small for a real mandarin tree so they make do with these cute plushies.

Palms sweaty, knees spaghetti.

I have no idea how typing Chinese is supposed to work.

Cute colours.

Cute portable keyboards.

Special Gaming Keyboard.

Not so special gaming keyboard.

I didn’t know HP made mechanical keyboards.

Switch tester.

Keyboard heaven.


Component prices.

Dang graphics cards are expensive right now (Feb 2018).

It’s all your fault!


Nothing says gamer like having the logo projected onto the desk.

(Wow, this website theme has a weak-ass bold text style. I’ll fix that later.)

Totally legit.


Battleborn relegated to the bargain bin already.
And by the time I wrote this blog several months later it has been completely forgotten.

Hong Kong has an interesting mix of games from every region.

This one probably isn’t legit though.

These guys using the escalators to deliver stock up.

Does it come with the girl?

I didn’t realise these were available for demo-ing until I was editing the photos.
The headband looks comfy though.

Oh hey, LTT did a video on this case.

It’s like I’m back in Akiba.

Now in Mong Kok, making my way to the Sino Centre and…anime girls. Now I gotta check this building out first.

Turned out to be an entire mall dedicated to cameras and headphones.

I was trying to see if I could find it again on Google Maps and oh, hello.

It’s the middle address on the previous photo, Sim City.

Learn from the Japanese though and stop talking to me. I just want to look at silicone in peace.

I recognise this artist… TNSK (NSFW)
The same guy who drew that American Millionaires doujin I got in Japan. I like how even when he’s contracted to work on a product he’s still drawing the same girl. Shame they didn’t go the extra mile and made the onahole edible or something.

I was going to get this but I probably have enough art books.

Doremi still going strong.
Still need to finish the first season…

This would make a good gift.

This figure has been on display here for years.
Shame it’s a bootleg store.

Speaking of bootlegs…
I’m surprised this exists since this was an independently made garage kit for a convention and only a few copies exist. Then again, garage kits sound like they would be prime bootleg material.

The original sculptor has quite the portfolio (NSFW).


I really like the designs of the new Megucas.

Oh hey, this looks cute.
*sees the actual screenshots*

I wonder what the DigiDestined are up to these days…