Hong Kong 2018 Day 6

Feb 24, 2018 4 min read

We were in the mood for something touristy so we headed to The Peak, the tallest public spot on the Hong Kong island.

I really like the map system on the Hong Kong metro system.
The lights not only show where you are, where you’re going and what side the doors open but they will also indicate whether the next station allows you to change rail lines (in this case, no, even though the 2 lines look like they’re next to each other).

The Chinese have different priorities to the West when it comes to dating.

These characters look like they were taken straight from Your Name.

The smallest % Arabica coffee shop, found at the Victoria Habour (Tsim Sha Tsui).
The queue was long so we didn’t try it but they’re opening a branch in the UK soon™.

One way to get onto the Hong Kong island is by taking the train to Central station.
Alternatively, you can take the Star Ferry.

Just kidding. This is the Star Ferry.

It’s a pretty short ride. It was like 10 minutes.

Cute sailor fuku onii-chan.

The real reason Hollywood bothers with diversity is to use the foreign actors in overseas promotional material.

From here we took the bus up.

Can you imagine how long the pizza delivery would take up here?
Though, with the prices of the houses up here, they probably have their own pizza chef.

The bus journey itself is part of the attraction. With all the winding roads bordering on cliffsides it was like I was in an Initial D anime but in reverse.

The Peak™

They had a maze filled with optical illusions that you can pose in.
I’m surprised how well the illusion holds up on this one through a photo.

We weren’t in the mood for posing so here’s the rest 🙂

There’s a small shopping mall here too.


You learn not to get excited over anime girls in HK. It’s going to be a mobage ad every time.

Oh hey, it’s that thing in Picadilly Circus. We should go sometime.

Now would be a good time for lunch at Wildfire+.
I’m eating a burger in an Italian Restaurant in Hong Kong but to be fair, it was a good burger.

We didn’t go up to the peak of The Peak™ because it costs money and the weather isn’t great.
The view from this restaurant is almost as good though.

Instead we went into Madame Tussauds since we haven’t been to one since we were kids.

“Now neither of us will be virgins”

Oh, look, it’s the guy who turned to dust.


Oh, look, it’s the woman that stopped a riot with a refreshing can of Pepsi™.

Cool magazine-like display of Angelababy.
The name seemed familiar then I remembered I played TF2 with a guy who used this name.

I’m in

They hadn’t gotten round to replacing Obama yet.

Lizzie looking a little dead inside here.

It’s Mr Warcraft.

I thought someone left their paper cup behind but it’s apparently part of the display.

Oh, look, it’s Jackie Chan.

Oh, look, it’s Jackie Chan.

He’s a big guy. He was also that meme during the Rageface era.

The drummer always gets the short end of the stick in these photos.

How to make your own lifelike golem.

Very realistic knock-off precure.

Cute cubes.

There’s a bit of a queue and it costs more but the tram will be faster than taking the bus again.

Uwah, steep.

Takes a bit of effort to stay standing upright at times.

The architecture around Central is so weird. Feels like something from a video game.

Tram otakus.

Also a popular photography location. Saw a few other wedding shoots around.

You’ll see maids hanging around in public spots on their one day off.
They want to send as much of their wages back to their families in their home country and working as a domestic helper can be a lonely job.

It was a Saturday but you’ll see a lot more on Sundays.