Hong Kong 2023 - Tai O

Nov 12, 2023 2 min read

Also known as the “Venice of Hong Kong”.

Tsim Sha Tsui

Taking the ferry there from the habour.

Technically these photos are from another day.

Ferry terminal to The Peak.

The Sun shines on the Peak.

Hey, I went there last time.

It was only after I uploaded these photos to my blog that I remembered that we didn’t actually take the ferry here. It’s actually on the Hong Kong Island, the other side of the ocean. You can see the ferry ports to the right of the ferris wheel.


Ok, these photos are from the day. It was much sunnier.
And hot, very very hot.

Cute sailor fuku onii-chan.

Off we go.



Breakfast: Coffee scone from a bakery near our hotel. It was alright.

Lantau Island

We here.

Onto a bus.

Mui Wo village seems popular. Maybe we’ll come here next time.

Very different vibe to the city part of Hong Kong on the mainland.

There were random cows walking around the whole island.

30 minutes later…

Tai O Village

Back out into the heat.

Hey, cute tiny little fiddler crabs.

I’m being cooked alive by the Sun.

Stay hydrated. Please mind the gap door.
They totally re-used the sound assets from the train stations.

First, some food.

We just walked into the first place we saw.

Woody nooo

Cuttlefish and fish balls. Chewy 👌


Chinese tea egg.

You ever get really in the mood for chips?

This pineapple coconut drink was fire 👌🔥

Moving on.

In hindsight, we should’ve known the first place you see will be the most expensive one.
Not that it was particularly pricy anyway.

Got some grilled squid. Spicy.


You can book boat rides here but my family didn’t want to.

Wow, it’s the place from all the photos.

#Sponsored by



This place used to be a fishing village.
It still is, but it’s not the main source of income anymore.

Can’t escape from the bubble tea.

Village marketplace.

Today’s theme is Kodak Gold 200.

What’s Santa doing?


We started queuing for bubble egg waffles.

Cute matching shoes.

This seems safe.

After a long while, we noticed the queue was moving really slowly.
It’s just the one old man and a singular charcoal grill…
I don’t even remember how we got here…
Surely there are more stalls further in…
It’s too late to stop now.

It wasn’t worth it. Didn’t even taste any different to the modern electric grills.

Do not touch the cat.


Imagine living in these shacks, your whole life just a spectacle for tourists like me.

Cats with a job.


Passion fruits.




Didn’t seem like there was much more to see.

Back we go.

We explored the other fork of the market but it’s mostly more of the same.
My mum bought some dried shrimp to take home.

Back to the beginning.

Well, that was a thing.


Citygate Outlet

Turns out the airport is also on this island and there’s a fancy shopping centre next to it.

Snacks while the women look at clothes.
I look forward these Mcdonald’s chicken wings each trip.

These charging ports seem legit.

Taking the train back instead of the ferry.

Under the sea~ Still nicer than the the London Underground.

The loop.

Back on Land

Is it matching shoes day?

My family wanted to rest at the hotel so I went out by myself for dinner.

Yoo, some guy was running after his dog which went darting across the intersection. Some people tried to stop it but it dodged them around them and zipped through the traffic.


I felt like trying the fabled cheese gyudon so now would be a good opportunity.
Woah, hold on, they have hotpot at this Yoshinoya? Nvm, I’m trying that.

Special vegetable set, sukiyaki broth, grain-fed beef with Japanese roasted sesame sauce, pearl grain rice, kimchi, iced lemon Mirinda soda

Just like my animes. Oishii.
Also this Mirinda orange soda is fire 🔥🔥🔥 Months later I’m still thinking about it.

I couldn’t get the hotpot stove to work at first. Oh God, my family isn’t here, I’m going to have to speak Chinese… S-Sumimasen M-Mmmgoi…
Turns out it was just broken so they moved me to another seat.

After dinner I discovered a new anime shopping centre, In’s Point. My new favourite place.