Hong Kong/China 2018 Day 7

Feb 25, 2018 3 min read

Heading to China for a couple of days to visit family.

Website Updates

Oh hey, new website theme.
We Mediumish now. A clone of Medium’s style for Wordpress which someone else ported to Jekyll which someone else ported to Hugo.
I aim to make my blogs more future-proof with each remake and switching themes is a good test to see how this current iteration holds up.
I’ve been overriding the theme files with my own but this meant hunting down and deleting all those files when switching theme. My new approach is modifying the theme files directly but I fork the theme first to my own repository so I can still track changes. Now I can switch back and forth between themes with just a variable change in the blog config file.


“Aw yis”
There’s a Japanese supermarket and food court in the mall under my hotel.
I really like the cream puffs in Hong Kong.

Since the apartments are so small here many people choose to hang out outside.

Crossing the border. You can buy a 3-day visa here for like £20.

Cheap rooms.

Beware of CRUSH.

For some reason the bathrooms are always see-through in China’s hotels.

Probably because they’re mainly used for 👉 👌

English immediately takes a hit across the border.

What a view 😍

Why do cheap hotels always have a Razer mouse mat somewhere?

Our relatives are only a short walk away.

There isn’t a direct path from their apartment entrance to the main street because it’s walled off so they just use the back door of this shop. “Ojamashimasu…”

When that shop is closed they use the back door of this restaurant instead.
Don’t mind us, just casually passing through…

How many times have I climbed these stairs in my life?


I miss this chair more than I miss my relatives. It’s 10010 comfy.

I used to climb on these bars when I was little. Looking back, that was pretty dangerous and I don’t know why they let me.

Holy shit, it’s a kotatsu. The DREAM.

Since they own the top floor they also get access to the roof.

Feeding time.

Interesting plant.

Sure is China.

The ceilings are really tall here.

All hail the God Emperor.


I’m surprised my cousin would allow engrish on his walls considering he went to school in the UK and actually knows English.


The stuff of nightmares.

No flush toilets here. You do it yourself with a ladle and a bucket of water.

My great aunt always makes this chicken roasted in a bed of salt when we visit.
It’s good but like, we literally just had dinner together.

I think I can skip showering for a day. We’re going back tomorrow anyway.