Hong Kong 2023 - Sightseeing

Nov 6, 2023 2 min read

My ID expired during lockdown. Time for another visit.

Tai Po

I wasn’t originally going to upload these but I feature-creeped so here’s a dump.

When you walk out the airport doors and step into Hong Kong for the first time in 5 years and you get hit with a blast of that hot humid Hong Kong air and smell. Classic Hong Kong.

Tai Po Waterfront Park

Our taxi driver spoke through a robotic speaker in his throat.

Must have been field trip day. There were like 3 different schools there.

Not much to see. It’s mostly just a park for relaxing, exercising and escaping HK’s urban hellscape.
The weather alternated between raining and being humid af.

Tai Po Market

Diamond Hill

Chi Lin Nunnery

You can’t take photos inside but this is the place if you like praying to giant statues of holy people.

Human for scale.

Nan Lian Garden

And down the street is their Tang dynasty style Chinese classical garden.

It is 30 heckin’ degrees today.

A room of rocks and poetry.

Fine rocks are good-looking


Looks like where Goku fought Vegeta.

There’s a vegetarian restaurant inside there.



Wong Tai Sin

Wong Tai Sin Temple

While we’re here, next stop over from Diamond Hill is Wong Tai Sin station, featuring the Wong Tai Sin Temple, dedicated to the saint Wong Tai Sin. Aka THE GREAT IMMORTAL WONG.
He was a healer and could transform stones into sheep.

People visit the temple to have their wishes granted.

Touch to restore your HP.

Choose your MMO class.

Fortune telling.

Tsim Sha Tsui

Harbour Promenade

My older cousin came down from China to hang out.

Busy Saturday.


Till next time…

Food Pics


That time me and my sister got tired of eating Chinese every day.

It looked western but it didn’t taste western.


Some trendy coffee shop for brunch, Coffee Break.

I ordered salad but I didn’t realise our meals also came with salads and then we had too much salad.

Pretty good burger though.

Mixian noodles at mixian sense.

Also they were doing a My Melody promo so I had to go for that.

I wasn’t particularly into the sakura and shrimp flavour combo though.


Pineapple bun pineapple bun~

The diners are the best things about visiting Hong Kong.

The quality of this chain has kinda gone down since I last tried it.

These noodles at the Tai Po Market are tradition for us.

Roast eight treasure rice (roast goose, BBQ pork, roast pork, plain boiled chicken, soy sauce chicken, pig knuckle, red sausages, salted eggs)


Fast Food

She’s everywhere.

The promotional merch was sold out 😢

No mess gloves.

Some crazy dude came over really close to read the time off my watch. Twice.

Limited edition marshmallow chocolate hazelnut egg tart. Too sweet.

HK Mcdonald’s good.

Got a normal egg tart later which was 👍


The internet famous cheese gyudon. With the tabasco sauuce 👌😩

Sushi with another cousin.


More sushi by myself.

Snacks and Sweets

We found a Donki in Diamond Hill which had an eating area.



“Molten Lava Bun” aka salted egg yolk custard buns ❤

Got fruit tarts from the bakery next to our hotel for a midnight snack.

Snacks to take home.



This fish is not having a good time.

Hot pot

The fucking ceiling collapsed on us along with however long old ceiling water.


Claypot rice


One last meal before we board.

Custard buns, one more time. The combination of the sweet custard with salty egg yolk 👌😩



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We also visited Hong Kong’s fishing village, Tai O