Hong Kong 2018 Day 3

Feb 21, 2018 3 min read

Short post this time.
Spent the morning in the hotel room catching up on jet lag while the parents left to take care of business.

The hotel is connected to a shopping mall and train station which is convenient plus you don’t have to worry about rain.

This inconsistency.

“Hmm, there should be a food court down he-”
I guess the entire ground floor in this mall is closed.

Oh, when I said the hotel was connected to a shopping mall I meant 3 shopping malls. All connected to each other via walkways.

Hong Kong is seeing a lot of the same brands as the UK except now marketed as luxury imports and 3x as expensive.

This Japanese company names all their sweets French.

Oh hey, they have Deliveroo here.


Made our way to one of the many other food courts.
Eating at Firewood, a diner style restaurant.

Vermicelli noodles in soup with pork and pickled cabbage.
Again with the peanut butter and condensed milk toast.
Also tea with a straw…

You order at a counter and collect your food at another counter/factory line.
If you order something uncommon then you get a remote device and they’ll bring it to you later.

Website now has emoji support 🐈


Not sold on the popcorn and ice-cream combo.

Time to meet up with the parents and relatives.

Back at Tai Po.

And now we’re leaving again.

It’s amazing how quickly you can go from sprawling skyscrapers metropolis to bumfuck nowhere in Hong Kong.

A short detour in Yuen Long because my uncle said there was a famous waifu cake store here.

I’m glad I enabled GPS logging in my camera app now because I couldn’t remember the name of the area. It wasn’t totally accurate but it gave me the closest train station.
Then typing Yuen Long and wife cafe into Google gave me the store name, Hang Heung.
Wait, Hang Heung, that’s that marker right there on Maps. I didn’t realise it was that famous.
I never got to try any…

These are just like my animes.

You can get this brand in the UK from Wing Yip.
Used to eat these a lot as a kid but I guess my parents got bored of it.

Back onto the bus.


“So, where are we eating tonight?” “Oh, just the literal corner of the country”
Looks like I won’t be able to excuse myself early.

It was quite the long trip.
You can see on the right where Tai Po is and below that is Sha Tin where we’re staying.

Tin Shui Wai is actually one of the more recent areas to be developed.
Where we’re eating though goes beyond those modern borders and is still thoroughly rural by comparison.

I don’t remember this episode.

Pick out your ingredients from the neighbouring stalls and the restaurant will cook it for you.
It doesn’t get fresher.

The toilets were a literal hole in the ground. I couldn’t even see the bottom.

The walkway connecting our hotel with the shopping mall.