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Super Unity Chan


Unity-chan reporting for work.

Some bits and bobs for another team project that went nowhere…

Custom Ambient Shadows for the Living Room scene in Unity

How I over-engineered the wheel.

My solution for real-time ambient shadows for dynamic characters for my living room scene.

Living Room scene in Unity

Locked in a room for a year.

A living room scene put together to learn about working with PBR 3D assets, level design tools, lighting, shaders and post-processing. Made in Unity 2017 and Blender.
Here’s a collection of things I learnt and made over the course of the project.

My First Character Model

Meet Melon

Blog on my first attempt at 3D character modelling for the Cute-Platformer-Game.

Platformer Game Collectibles


Some notes on implementing a collectible in a platformer game.