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Korea 2023 Day 3 & 4 - Finale

And the rest

The final episode of my short K-Drama.

Korea 2023 Day 3 - Gyeongbokgung Palace

Back to the Joseon dynasty

The modern remake.

Korea 2023 Day 2 - Gwangjang Market

Stomach empty

Day 2 continued.

Hong Kong 2023 - Tai O

Hong Kong's fishing village

Also known as the “Venice of Hong Kong”.

Hong Kong 2023 - Sightseeing

and Food

My ID expired during lockdown. Time for another visit.

MCM London Comic Con May 2023


4 whole days in London.

Borough Market, London 2022

Showing my cousin around London

My cousin flew over from Hong Kong so me and my mum are showing her around.

Japan 2019 Day 12 - Steak, Asakusa, Skytree!

Oh, hey

My parents’ last day in Japan. Ikuzo!

Japan 2019 Day 11 - Lazing around Ueno after fish

Ueno~ Ueno~~

The Tuna thought he was doing a great job at work.
Instead, he was canned 🥁