Game Dev

Homu Suite

A collection of utilities for Unity.


Lemon X Chrome Extension

  • Reverse image search with SauceNAO via context menu
  • Translate selected text with Google Translate via context menu
  • Adds toolbar button to quickly search MyAnimeList
  • Redirects Twitter image URLs to the original size and quality version
  • Download Twitter images as image files instead of Twitter’s jpg-large files

Chrome Web Store
Source code:

This website

  • Built with Hugo.
  • Based off the Cactus Plus Mediumish theme.
  • Hosted on Cloudflare Pages and Backblaze B2.

Source code:

Old Projects

Defend Game

Defend your base from a meteor attack.

Flappy Bird CMD

Command driven, turn-based version of Flappy Bird written in C++ inspired by the Flappy Jam.