Game Dev

🏠 Homu Suite

A collection of utilities for Unity.


🍋 Lemon X Chrome Extension ❎

  • Reverse image search with SauceNAO via context menu
  • Translate selected text with Google Translate via context menu
  • Adds toolbar button to quickly search MyAnimeList
  • Redirects Twitter image URLs to the original size and quality version
  • Download Twitter images as image files instead of Twitter’s jpg-large files

Chrome Web Store

🌐 This website

Old Projects

🏡 Living Room Scene

A living room scene put together to learn about working with PBR 3D assets, level design tools, lighting, shaders and post-processing. Made in Unity 2017 and Blender.

🧙‍♀️ Cute-Platformer-Game

A cancelled 3D platformer made in Unity 5 and Blender.

🗒 Defend Game

Defend Game Screenshot
Defend your base from a meteor attack.
2D Game made with Unity 5 in C#

🍎 Dont Push! Game

Dont Push Game Screenshot
Don’t let the junk food push you to the bottom!
2D Game made with Unity 4 in C#

💻 Flappy Bird CMD Game

Flappy Bird CMD Screenshot
Command driven, turn-based version of Flappy Bird written in C++, rendered in the Command-line.

🥁 Onset Detection Library

Onset Detection Screenshot
Created in C#, this can be used to detect onsets (the notes in a song) by using the Spectral Flux algorithm.
The Hamming Window Function is also used to reduce false positives.
Created for an undergraduate final year independent project.

🚀 Retro Rocket Rampage Game

Retro Rocket Rampage Screenshot
An offline multiplayer arcade racing game.
Created with C# and Microsoft XNA, in a team of 3 for a final year university project.
I was mainly responsible for the physics engine and procedural mesh generation.
Full details at:

Retro Rocket Rampage Screenshot

Retro Rocket Rampage Screenshot

Retro Rocket Rampage Screenshot