MCM London Comic Con May 2022

May 29, 2022 2 min read

My first MCM post-lockdown.

First time meeting up with Rokodo since 2019. We caught up over Burger King.
Shame I couldn’t meet Noe during the 2021 MCM since I was feeling ill that month. He’s gone to a better place now…Japan.

The long awaited Elizabeth Line finally opened.

Yoo, this is nice. It’s so spacious… and smooth… and quiet… and air-conditioned!

MCM Comic Con

Hololive is now a thing at MCM. Saw a couple cosplays but didn’t get a chance to take their photo.

That lemon squid looking mighty juicy…

Gender equality ✊


Every year, the retro section grows. I can’t believe the Wii is considered old now 💀


Cute Mikus

MCM isn’t as big as it used to be. It’s only 1.25 halls now and a lot of the big booths are gone.
Otherwise, same old, same old.




I wanted to visit Eat Tokyo in Soho but there was a longgg queue outside.


Back to trusty ol’ Misato. Oishii!

Ooh, it’s those fluffy Japanese pancakes, gotta try these someday.

Future me here:
Tried them with my family and uh, it just tasted like pancakes. Not sure what I was expecting.

Chin Chin Dessert Club

I saw this shop featured once in a Youtube video of top hot chocolate shops.
I got their signature marshmallow topped hot chocolate and an ice-cream.

Okay, I see why this drink comes with a dish now.
The ice-cream was fine but the hot chocolate was far too sweet for me. It was more like a melted chocolate bar than an actual drink.

Oxford Street

Us millennials sure love buying useless tat.

This is how I show off my personality.


Ooh, there’s a new departure board at Victoria Station. These are much easier to read.


Picked these up at the Golden Gate Cake Shop in Chinatown. They were nice.

Welcome to the family, 🍋 squid.

After a couple years break, we’re back to our bi-annual tradition.