MCM London Comic Con October 2019

Oct 29, 2019 2 min read

I can’t believe I’ve been doing this for 10 years now.


Don’t know why I’ve never bought my tickets in advance. Mornings are much less stressful now.

Shake Shack for breakfast. I couldn’t get enough of the malt chocolate milkshake.
The new garlic mayo bacon fries aren’t nice.

Excel Centre

It’s Ferry. The character that seems to have more lewd fan art than not.

The gaming area hasn’t changed since the Eurogamer Expo from last week.
It’s like they just took all the stalls and pushed them to the left.

Why do people queue for hours to play a game they were going to buy anyway?

It’s that game I saw at Comitia.

It’s just a very basic rhythm game.


Someone will have spent £300 on Mikudayo.


Friendship ended with Sega. Taito is the new best friend now.

Oh no. It’s growing stronger.

It’s のえ cosplaying as のえ.

Free gamer fuel. Ick, even diet Mountain Dew still tastes too sweet.

Seems like they finally cracked down on all the Chinese bootleg stalls.

Ayanami: I don’t feel so good.

sushii oishii ❤

Bumped into Finn again. Like clockwork.


Pro gamer cat.

cash coma

Dicks out for KyoAni.

VR Deemo. They just took the mobile game and plonked it into a 3D space.

It’s a trap cosplaying as a trap.

I’m old. You kids go play while I sleep on these bean bags for a bit.
Now I understand how my parents felt taking me to Legoland.

The O2 Arena

Waiting in a Tesco because Noe and Co couldn’t get off the train with the crowd in the way.
Check out these cute mini watermelons though.

Aev, Noe and Rokodo.

Abandoned the cable car plan because it was windy.

Nandos at the O2. It was noisy. I had enough loyalty points for a free meal 👍

“What’s your table number?”
“Oh. That one with the blue-haired cat.”

There’s a hopper on the late-night underground.


Staying at the newly built London City Travelodge.

Damn, look at all this floor space.

They make us pay for this third-world wi-fi.


The hotel has a 247 cafe.
Just a single bartender holding down the fort for 30 guests. Dude was a champ.

The size of this lamp.

This is the slimmest bed I’ve ever seen.
I’ve stayed in capsule hotels with more room than this.

Overall pretty decent hotel.
Plenty of power sockets and USB ports. Clean. Quiet. Close to a tube station.
And cheap. That’s important too.

It’s the Lloyd horse. A watchful protector.

Oh hey, the Pickle Gherkin.

There’s a Japanese cooking school next door.

Leicester Square

Coco’s for breakfast but they’re not open yet for another 15 minutes.

Dying inside.

Coco’s is always good. As expected of the Japanese.

Oxford Street

Samsung trying to win the culture war.

Picking up some Christmas gifts on Oxford Street.
Oh hey, a Microsoft store.

This absolute unit of a laptop.

It’s a pretty large store considering Microsoft only has like 5 products.
They even had a live DJ.

This mouse is trash. And I thought the Apple mouse was bad.
I was close to getting a Surface tablet before but the quad-core i7 didn’t come out in time.

My first time trying on noise-cancelling headphones.
All the noise of the London crowd, just disappeared, like magic.
I don’t care that it costs £300, I need it.

Shepherd’s Bush

Oh hey, we should go.


Westfield Pokemon Center Pop-Up Store

Ok, nevermind.

The only Xiaomi store in the UK.
It’s like they crossed Apple with an IKEA.
I got my mum bluetooth speakers for Christmas.

The back half of this phone slides up to reveal the selfie camera.
Satisfyingly snappy like pre-smartphones. I could fidget with this all day.

Got some chopsticks because I accidentally lost some.
They both ended up being too small…