MCM London Comic Con May 2019

May 29, 2019 2 min read

For the first time in almost 10 years, we’ll be going in a party of 2.


Lol woops, slept in. I might have died with only 2 hours of sleep though so getting those 2 extra hours of sleep was probably a good thing.

Tower of London. We should visit one day.

Was going to stop by the hotel first to drop off stuff but missed my stop watching Batman.

Wandering from konbini to konbini trying to find a bottle of water for less than Β£2.

DLR cute as ever.

Excel Centre

I’m in.

They were holding school exams in one of the neighbouring halls.


Gotta possess ‘em all!

It’s those knock-off vtubers again. Looks cheaply made.

Oh Spyro, what have they done to you?


Woah, it’s the Iron Man.



Oh hey, a Kill la Kill game.
It’s a fighting game where the VFX range from “wonderfully hand-drawn in the style of the show” to “budget asset store”.

My childhood but now in HD. Disappointing that it still runs in 30 fps.
I’ll wait for the PC port.

I’ve still yet to try the PSVR headset but they’re fully booked.

The IF booth continues to grow.

delete this

This game looks super interesting.


The old stuff.

The thing before rasterization was a thing.

Ken Sei Mogura: Street Fighter II

This is a thing I never knew existed.


Do you deserve the big Toblerone?


Is this the new Pokemon movie?

oh no

😏 😏 😏

Wife (mother), Senko-san.



Looks pretty fun actually.

Where’s the tentacle one?

Oh hey, it’s the Skyt- Shard.


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Meanwhile Wacom’s booths have been getting smaller each year.

Security doggos

So that was MCM.
Most popular cosplays continue to be boku no heros but also a lot of spandex superheroes this year.
Didn’t see Nintendo or any PC builders this year.

The O2 Arena

Pretty good πŸ‘Œ

I paid Β£4 for 3 bites while Robbie enjoyed some hipster beer.

The cinema at the O2 is pretty nice. The speakers are way too loud though.

This is the best seat.

It was alright.



Seems legit.

Staying at the budget Ibis in Whitechapel.
Yes, that’s a round table tennis table.

Cafeteria. Our room came with free breakfast but we decided to sleep instead.

This carpet.


Pretty basic but modern.
Oh hey, it’s that movie adapted from that manga by the Death Note authors.

Dinner πŸ˜‹

Robbie drank an energy drink then fell asleep.

Dang, this internet is fast.
Why do I do this to myself?

The way this window opens…
I guess it’s for soundproofing. We were facing the main road but heard nothing.

Ohayou, London.

Oh hey, it’s the Pickle Gherkin.

Whitechapel has quite a large Bangladeshi population.


It’s ok. Tastes like cola flavoured gummy sweets.


Leicester Square

Local Londoners don’t come here.
Wow, that’s a tall Yoda.

She’s still here.

Watch out for T-Posing kids asserting their dominance. Stay safe out there.

Oh hey, we should go.

When you have no confidence that any westerner will be able to stomach natto.

They’ve been working on this road for like 10 years now and they still need to rebuild the pavilion.
The Chinese community are trying to petition for them to also rebuild the table in it too because it would be bad luck without it or something but the London council thinks it will attract vandalism.

Found a Japanese dessert shop near here but I didn’t have the the time to come back.

>Those Love Live fans
One of the things I love about taking photos is that there’s always something I didn’t notice in person.

Cheesy katsu curry πŸ˜‹ πŸ‘Œ

The face of someone who went for the hottest spice level.

Oh hey, a PC gaming cafe. Or as they call it in Korea, a PC Bang.
Hugely popular in Asia for the social aspects and the fact that they serve full course meals over there. The food menu doesn’t seem quite as varied in this UK branch though.

There was also a Korean mart next door.

Had some Japanese items too for cheaper than Japan Centre.

Soho Fire Station


Stopped by the Las Vegas arcade for a couple of rounds.
They have Groove Coaster and Museca now.


Time to go home for work.

And…the train got delayed for an hour and a half. At least I was in the comfort of the train and not in the train station. Got delayed for so long I managed to finish the last 2 Batman movies.

It wasn’t that busy at work anyway and I got compensated for 50% of the ticket price so πŸ‘Œ