Japan 2019 Day 15 - Flying Home

Mar 12, 2019 5 min read

Sayonara 👋

…Previously…Last day in Japan.

Haneda Airport

I’m awake. I’m early. So early. Never been so early in my life.

And…..flight delayed.

*Don Don* YoOoOoOoO~

Too early.

Choose your starter.


Noo! This whole trip I’ve been trying to find Curry Cup Noodles. This was my last chance…

Imagine living in a country safe enough to do this.

Good morning, Skytree.

Ooh, wonder which one is mine.

The coolest airport food court.

Not much is open yet.

That’s a lot of prawn crackers.

Everything looks so good here but I already have a place in mind.

Through this construction zone.

One last Yoshinoya! This is the meal I had last time when I missed my flight.
Sweet sweet comfort food. This time without the tears.

Last minute souvenirs.

High tech airport.

Calorie Mate is all I had on me when I passed through China last time and had no Chinese rupees.

ANA Flight

Finally boarded.

I’ll be back.

Goodbye, SkyTree.

Nyooooooom 🛫

Skytree? More like LandTree.

The Great Highway of Japan.

Never seen clouds so 3D.

And that’s the last I ever saw of Japan.

Tomato juice as is tradition.

Need to pee. Ah, looks like her movie is at a pretty climatic scene, I’ll wait…
…okay, now, s-sumima-
>she's asleep

Oishiii omurice and look at all these sides.

Those fools, I could rob a plane with this metal knife.

YOO. They didn’t give us the nice ice-cream on the first flight. Now I can say ANA > JAL.

Finally got out. Think I’ll stick to the aisle seat from now on.

Cheese bread.

Watched the movie “The Shape of Water”. This was definitely someone’s fetish.

Breakfast. Pancakes, chips, and hot dogs. It was eh.

New podcast episode came out.
To think this would end up being one of the final episodes before the hosts silently quit in 2020.




London Drift.


Heathrow Airport

Wow, only took 4 hours to fly to the other side of the world!

Cool, British citizens can just go through the automatic gates now, skipping the queue.

Still have to wait for my luggage to arrive though…

Oh God, take me back to the anime girls.

Changing terminals.

YotelAir Hotel

My parents’ plane won’t arrive for another few hours so one last capsule hotel.
Glad I decided to splurge just a bit more. Having my own private room and bed was so nice after that 12 hour flight. Better than waiting around in the public lobby.

The room even has its own toilet, shower, and lockable door. You don’t get that in Japan.

Guess I’ll use this time to catch up on what’s been going on in the UK.

Okay, so nothing new then.

Still had a bit of time after my check-out so the receptionist offered me some tea.
Except she made it with boiling water so not only would it have been a bad cup of tea but I had to leave before it could even cool down enough for me to drink it.

My parents brought back the whole market as usual.

Woops, forgot about the mochi in my bag for a week and it started to mold.
The BIG KATSU wasn’t what I was expecting. It was just a big slab of gummy sweet.

Home sweet home.


Final map.
Is this accurate? Does Google just assume this is the typical flight path between 2 airports?

The Numbers

  • 2 weeks
  • Total hotels: 8 (9 check-ins)
  • Mcdonalds eaten: 0
  • Distance walked in Japan: 250 km (18 km / 775 calories a day) [Samsung Health app]
    • Total steps: 334400 (23900 a day)
  • Distance traveled in Japan: 1455 miles (105 miles a day) [Google Maps, excludes walking]
  • Average hours slept: 6 hours [Samsung Health app]

Day 4: 30.56 km, 41139 steps, 1369 kcal
The day where I climbed Mt Misen on Miyajima was easily the worst 💀💀💀

  • 146.44 JPY = 1 GBP [March 2019]
  • ATM withdrawals: ¥210,000
  • Average daily spend: ~¥20,000 (excluding flights)
  • Total cost: ¥253,000 + £1335
    • Flights: £645
    • Travel: ¥23050 (half of that was just the taxi to the airport) + £200 Rail Pass (was totally worth it)
    • Hotels: ¥63300 + £425 (+ £45 for the final Heathrow capsule hotel)
    • Food/toiletries: ¥66300
    • Shopping: ¥73700 haha…
    • Gifts: ¥10700
    • Entry Fees: ¥9800
    • Services: ¥5800 + £20 sim card

Mobile Data Usage

Phew, just barely under my 2GB allowance.


The Loot

As always, I simultaneously regret buying so much yet wanted to buy so much more.

The weeb shit.

Food and gifts.

Other souvenirs.

Nice haul this time.

Tickets and leaflets.

Hotel loot.

Souvenirs for my sister. That sunscreen bottle is mirrored for selfies.

Souvenirs for Rokodo. He got lube.

the corn chocolate stuff was ace, the lemon cake was eh. -Rokodo, 2019

Souvenirs for Noe.

itadak dak thanks for the snak -Noe, 2019

Souvenirs for Alfyan.

Can you do me a favour and buy some Pocky and Fridge Magnets for me? -Alfyan, 2019
Huh? I don’t remember you giving me anything. -Alfyan, 2023


My parents got this big bag of seaweed at the Tsukiji Fish Market. Took years to finish it.

Cute. Good buy.

This is all the Curry Cup Noodle I came across. One, singular, mini cup.



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