MCM London Comic Con May 2018

Jun 2, 2018 4 min read

It’s that time of year again.
The biannual London Comic Con takes place at the Excel Centre in East London and is the biggest convention of its type in the UK. Easily accessible by the cutest rail line, the DLR.

Obligatory photo of this bouncy board outside Tower Gateway.
Pretty warm today though not scorching like last year.

Without fail, we always bump into Finn.
This time he’s a Doki Doki.

He finally went to Japan.

We’re in.


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A virtual shooting range to promote their new movie.

You know when your friend mentions that he likes this one thing one time so you always bring it up when you see it as if it’s his favourite thing.

It’s that anime that everybody forgot about.
I only watched it for the Velma-lookalike but it was quite the ride. Still wouldn’t recommend it.

It’s that poster I got that I never put up that came with that game I barely played. Good times.

Waiting for the VR version.

Always gotta visit the Nep booth even if I rarely buy anything because most of the collectors’ items get bundled with the console versions and I only Nep on PC.
This time I got a Nepgeardam plushie.

Toobie and boi.
I felt kinda bad asking to take their photo because they weren’t ready for it and they spent ages preparing their costume and props and an entire crowd of photographers ended up forming.

It’s a rock.

It’s another rock. It felt like no one watched Houseki no Kuni so I wasn’t expecting to see cosplay. The show was good.

Can’t escape the loot boxes.

Can’t escape these things.

It’s like they took that bag from that maid cafe and chopped its head off.

This is cute.

It’s a Miku.

Finn wasn’t the only Doki Doki. It was a popular subject among the artist booths too.

That’s a lot of Rems. I want a Rem too but I gotta get the “best” one but more keep getting announced, even now years later.

Nude Korbo.

These are cute.
Maybe I’ll get them…

Cute Italian.
This was on my wishlist but the level of detail really doesn’t justify the price (and it was even higher on launch at ¥14K, absolutely mad). Plus the spaghetti paint texture is all gritty and the pose is kinda boring.

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Dude was busting out the sick can tricks, cracking them open against each other.

It’s…a shoe.

That’s a nice picture. I wonder if I could reverse-Google it from this photo…
Getting nothing but Pinterest links but they’re not the original art. Google should just ban these. The links don’t even work.

Reverse searching these should bring me closer than my photo though…

Bingo!…but the link is dead. What if I reverse search just this thumbnail though?…

The bootleg sellers aren’t even using the artist’s latest revision.

Long cables.
These could be useful but I’m at the awkward point where I no longer need any more micro-Bs but my devices also won’t be transitioning to USB-C for a while. Plus I’ve specifically arranged my furniture so I always have a plug nearby. I’m looking for a magnetic solution instead.

Guess the meme is dead now.

Lunch break. Spot the Miku.

Time for competitive Turf War.

Digimon is still a thing.

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Royal Mail cashing in on the otaku market.


That’s it. I’m done. Let’s go.

Protest outside TGI Fridays for being American.

Ate at Misato instead.
First time having a teriyaki-anything. I’ve always wanted to try it but it was always the 2nd choice.
😋 Oishii 😋

Tired of instant soup noodles I’ve moved onto instant fried noodles.
This MAYO BEAM flavour wasn’t nice though. There was a mustard/wasabi flavour in it.


C#-tan for scale.

I’ve never seen such a high age rating for a plushie before.

I normally don’t go for prize figures, preferring quality over quantity, but the Scarlet sisters have never gotten a design I’ve liked until now.
The base is pretty basic and has this an ugly seam when you put the two together and the paintwork isn’t very detailed as you’d expect from a prize figure but the design is top cute.
The wings are too tall to fit in my bookcase. Time to get a display cabinet.

Eagerly waiting for the Cirno in the same line.

The things I go through. I need to buy some real lights and find a more spacious location.