Japan 2019 Day 8 - Back to Tokyo

Mar 28, 2020 4 min read

My journey across Japan ends today.



I’m ready.


*shoves clothes into backpack*
This bag is a beast.
I find myself maxing out how much weight I can carry before I can fill up all the space.

You know what? I think I’m just going to take the Shinkansen.

Still lots to see in the Kansai region. I’ll be back one day.


Leg room for days.

Giant solar panel. Also passed a congo line of kindergarteners wearing the uniform.




Me: So glad I don’t need to go through Namba Station again.
Shinjuku Station: Allow me to introduce myself.


Despite visiting Tokyo 3 times, I’ve never really spent any time in Shinjuku.

More loud advertising trucks.

Shinjuku is busy.

Yodobashi Camera owns like half this neighbourhood.
They couldn’t expand any more so they took over a bunch of buildings instead.

Ah, I remember this spot. This is the station exit we came out of during my first trip.
Then we proceeded to have no idea what to do here and walked around aimlessly.
Rokodo found a Taiko machine while me and Noe wandered through a Lammtarra.

Hey, they have Haribo here.

Somehow I ended up back inside the station?
I think I was trying to find a more suitcase friendly path.

This restaurant is the only thing at the end of this long-ass corridor.
How much foot traffic do even they get here?

Shinjuku sure is a city.

Hotel Ibis

Is that a Jojo reference?

Waa~ This is a nice room.
Also the most expensive, being in the middle of Shinjuku.

The genkan alone is bigger than a New Koyo room.

Free handy.

Back out I go.

Narita Express

Another train.

*pacing up and down the train platform*
“Where’s the unreserved carriage? Don’t tell me…oh fuck it’s leaving. I’ll just jump on.”
So, uh, protip, the Narita Express is reserved only, even if you have a JR Pass.
The conductor side-eyed me and told me to give the seat up if someone shows up πŸ™‡β€β™‚οΈπŸ™‡β€β™‚οΈπŸ™‡β€β™‚οΈ

Narita Airport

Hey, it’s the place where we tried and failed to rent a phone when we first arrived.

Now to wait for an undetermined amount of time for my parents to show up.

Did I already miss them?

Oh hey. Took them over an hour to get through immigration.

Somehow, Japan skipped credit cards and jumped straight to mobile payments.

Narita Express

Welp, just missed a train and had to wait another hour for the next one.
There’s no option for “I have a JR Pass” at the machines and the human queue was slowww.



Didn’t expect to spend this much time travelling today.
Past me: I’ll have so much time to play around before I need to pick up my parents!

The busiest station in the world.

I finally understand all the anime jokes about getting lost in Shinjuku Station now.
We followed some Japanese people and even they got confused.
We kept running into dead ends and locked doors. Please, we just want to get out 😭

This photo came out well.

This one didn’t.

It’s 10:30pm and the restaurant I planned to go is now closed…
I was too preoccupied researching outside Tokyo so I don’t know the area at all.
We just headed into the first izakaya that we came across.

Luckily, it was still good. It’s hard to go wrong anywhere in Japan it seems.

The crowd is not amused.

Gonna walk off the food.


Welcome to Kabukicho, AKA The Sleepless Town.
I’m a baka. If anywhere is still bustling at 11pm, it’s Shinjuku.
We could’ve spent more time looking at restaurants.

Though it’s my first time here and didn’t know Kabukicho had restaurants.
Shame I didn’t play the Yakuza games before this trip. I recognised so many locations.

Waa~ An entire building dedicated to VR experiences.
It ended up closing next month.

Don’t remember where I took this but I see Idolmaster I click.

Thank you Japan for Where’s Wally branded feet exfoliant.

Introducing the wonders of Don Quijote to my parents.

Hey, they sell figures here.

Cute. I should have got some as souvenirs.

Despite not doing anything today we’re still tired from all the travelling.
Thankfully I picked a central hotel this time.


This will be the last of these 😒

Fuck Shinjuku Station.

Next time…we explore the west side of Tokyo…coming soonβ„’