Japan 2019 Day 1 - A KI HA BARA

Feb 26, 2019 3 min read

キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!!!

Previously…pre-Japan preparations

Haneda Airport

Get off the plane.
Get through passport control.
Wait for my baggage…oh that was quick.
Spill my first spaghetti with the customs officer who thought I could speak Japanese.

Hayai, Heathrow needs to step up.

Alright, got through a lot faster than I was expecting.
Oh, an ATM, I should get some money out…oh right, my cards are in my luggage.
OK, there’s the JAL ABC counter, I should pick up my sim card then…that’s a really long queue.
Okie dokie, I’ll pick up my JR Pass instead…if I can find their office.

Coke ON

Got my JR Pass. Found an empty corner to sort out my suitcase.
O-Oh…It said international ATM though.

And…the queue for my sim card has gotten longer.
One of the reasons why I picked this sim card provider is because they don’t deliver to the airport’s post office, which closes before I arrive, like all the other providers.
From Haneda, you can pick it up from either the JAL office or the Lawson instead. I went with JAL because it’s on the same floor as arrivals but turns out this is where they handle their baggage delivery service which takes 5-10 minutes per person, since if they’re using a delivery service chances are they have a ton of baggage.
Should have gone with Lawsons…

Minami-Senju, Tokyo

Welcome to Tokyo

Ended up queuing for almost an hour. The Sun had set by the time I got to Tokyo.
I should’ve tried to skip the queue by pretending to be a clueless tourist or something.
Took them like 15 seconds to hand me my sim card.

How many times have I crossed this road now?

New Koyo Hostel

Hello, old friend.


Took a bit to set up the sim card. You have to use mobile internet to set up the sim so it can identify the sim card. When you first connect it will pop-up the activation webpage where you enter the sim’s number, sms verification, login to your account etc. but like, the internet would time out and cut off.
Then I would have to restart the phone to re-enable the internet and start again.
I had to have everything copied to the clipboard, ready to paste into all the forms to get through the whole process fast enough before it would time out again
OMG, Lemon, no one cares about your technical problems.
Anyway, not sure I’d recommend Welcome Sim. It worked fine during the trip but this setup is too dicey for normal folk.

We’re still in the lobby.

2014 vs 2017 vs 2019

RIP vending machines.


🔞 This section contains NSFW images 🔞


Lol woops, not the most flattering shot but I was in a hurry.
After resting a bit at the hotel, it’s now 8pm which means most shops are closed and the few remaining will also close soon.


The Great Jahy Will Not Be Defeated!

Hitting up Gamers first.
It’s close by and I want to check out the event space since I won’t be back for a couple of weeks.

Sugoi dekai

*Adds to the list*
>no scans
>not even an entry on MangaUpdates

Namori looks just like I imagined.

Please touch

There are Virtual Youtuber magazines.

Now you can BE a virtual youtuber for just $30.


This game looks super interesting.

Wait hol’ up. Is she hand feeding a seagull??

Finally, I get to be the little girl.



Cute goods.

There’s been a merchandise trend of acrylic plastic with just pictures printed on top these past few years. I guess they’re super cheap to manufacture but it feels lazy. It’s not like they’re passing the cost savings to us consumers either.

It’s Dejiko, nyo!

No, don’t eat lipstick.

For the first time, I feel like I finally have a good enough camera to do this scene justice.


Love Merci

Love Merci is still open.

Ok then.

Yeah! Pierce the erectioned Japanese penis!

Oh hey, I recognise this artist.

X-Ray onaholes, such innovation.

Need lube?

I’m done.

A look back across the road.

VR porn rooms for rent. F U T U R E.

Ninja cafe


Oh hey. Still sad that I lost my membership card.

I only learnt this after I got back but Nadeshico-Sushi is not only a sushi restaurant that employs female sushi chefs, which is already a rarity in Japan, but it is staffed entirely by women.

The entire West side is pretty much closed. Time to circle back down the East.


Heading into Toranoana.

This wedding picture is supposed to be ambiguous over which girl it is.
Toranoana staff confirmed for Ninofans.

The 5toubun anime has been pretty popular.
Although I’m not watching it myself since I’m already reading the manga.

Rape it!

Delicious armpits.

Welp, closing time. In hindsight I shouldn’t have started browsing on the porn floors first since I already decided I’m not going to buy any this trip anyway.

Me: I’m not going to stay up late this trip. I’m going to get plenty of rest and stay healthy.
Also me: Hmm, what isn’t closed yet? Oh right, Don Quijote is open till midnight.


I completely forgot I saw and took a photo of this. I saw posters for this on a later day and was wondering what it was. Then I even bought a box, again, forgetting what was in it.

“Just like, stick an anime screenshot on the box and triple the price. Yeah, perfect.”

Ok, now I definitely need to go back. I still need to eat dinner after all.

So apparently I can’t take on-centre photos and there’s going to be a lot of these this trip and it kills me to look at them every time.

Only in Akihabara will you find figure advertisements in the post office.

I was tempted to get that Kaguya Luna figure but the face doesn’t look that great from any angle that isn’t head-on.

I’ll be back.


New Koyo

Was shopping for toiletries at a Seikatsu Saika konbini and decided to get just a light dinner there too instead of a proper meal since it’s already 11pm at this point.
>When you don't recognise any of the toothpaste brands so you get the one with a big F on it because at least this one has fluoride

Sandwich ravioli filled with peanut butter cream: Pretty nice, not that filling though.
Vegetable/fruit juice: Pretty good
Pudding ice-cream: Too sweet

Got a couple of Yuru Camp keychains and an artbook by a collaboration of artists to celebrate the end of the Heisei era.

The clear file was given out by Toranoana for purchases above 3000 yen.
They told me to “pikku wan”, I went with the least lewd design.


(volume up)


Next time…heading to Kyoto!